TFT600-II Fingerprint Access Control System

TFT600-II Fingerprint Access Control System
Feedback Form

1. Our TFT600-II fingerprint access control system is installed with new firmware, high speed CPU processer, and new fingerprint algorithm system.
2. This multimedia fingerprint terminal utilizes first quality hardware for excellent product performance and stability.
3. In addition to the main screen picture alteration, this multimedia access control system provides the functions like external bell setting, user role definition, and fingerprint expired date setting.
4. Engineered with Android-like system and user interface, the fingerprint access control system brings extra-ordinary user experience.
5. The access control solution supports real-time transfer of entrance log.
6. Possessing 65.000 real color display, this product has the menu with high-definition graphical user interfaces.
7. Manufacturer with large capacity memory with high speed verification, the equipment supports user photo display.
8. An external speaker interface is available with our fingerprint access control system for scheduled bell.
9. Data can be saved during power outage.
10. In addition to time attendance recording, the attendance and access control system supports data encryption.

Specifications of Fingerprint Access Control System
Display/Speaker Language
LCD Display: 3.5" TFT high-definition graphical interface, 65.000 real color Over 40 selectable languages, such as English, French, Spanish, Arabic, etc.
Speaker: Voice prompt (language can be selected)
Capacity Environment
Fingerprint capacity: 10,000 Operation temperature: 0°C-45°C
Log capacity: 200,000 Operation humidity: 20%-80%
Verification/Identification Verification/Identification
Verification speed (1:1): ≤0.5s FRR: ≤0.01%
Identification speed (1:1): ≤1s FAR: ≤0.0001%
Power Supply Machine Size
Power: 110/220VAC-12VDC 3A 19.7(L)×13.7(W)×4.6(H)cm
Communication Attendance Status
TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB host/client, Wiegand In/out, speaker output Check in, check out, break in, break out, overtime in, overtime out
Standard Functions Customize Function
Built-in relay, alarm, DST, scheduled bell, work code, photo-ID, T9 input, web server, anti-pass back, auto status, log query, 9-pin user ID, multi-verification ID card reader, Mifare card reader, Wi-Fi, GPRS, built-in-Li-battery, printer output, external bell, bar-code reading.
Distinctive Functions Package information
User role management, fingerprint expired date setting, shortcut key setting, fingerprint image display, main-screen picture alteration Unit packing: 31×26×12cm
Carton packing: 55×34×38cm
Net weight: 1.6kg
Gross weight: 2.0kg

Order Numbers

TFT600 Multimedia fingerprint access control system
TFT600+ID Multimedia fingerprint access control system built-in ID reader
TFT600+MF Multimedia fingerprint access control system built-in Mifare reader
TFT600+Wifi(GPRS) Multimedia fingerprint access control system with Wifi (or GPRS) function
TFT600+ID+Wifi(GPRS) Multimedia fingerprint access control system with Wifi (or GPRS) function built-in ID reader
TFT600+MF+Wifi(GPRS) Multimedia fingerprint access control system with Wifi (or GPRS) function built-in Mifare reader
Feedback Form
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