DVRD-D8-RE Access Control System

DVRD-D8-RE Access Control System
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Features of the DVRD-D8-RE
1. The DVRD-D8-RE proximity card access control system offers 1 door controller with built-in EM Reader.
2. It is sealed and weatherproof (IP67).
3. The DVRD-D8-RE proximity card access control system mounts easily to interior and exterior walls.
4. The buzzer is programmable for audible confirmation or silent mode.
5. It offers a professional and industrial design with high security and is very popular.
6. The DVRD-D8-RE proximity card access control system offers a smart no-admittance control function, which prevents unauthorized people from entering/exiting.

Technical Specifications of the DVRD-D8-RE

Display/Speaker Standard Function
NO LCD Display; Programmable audio buzzer for audible confirmation or silent mode Standalone, no network connection, simple 1 door controller built-in relay (Com, N.O., N.C.); 1-180 seconds relay time delay, or toggle mode
Technical Specifications Capacity Environment
Card capacity: 100 User cards, 5 Master cards Operation temperature: -20℃ ~ 70℃
Log capacity: N/A Operation humidity: 20% ~ 80%
Identification Access Mode
Identification speed (1:N): ≤20ms Card only
Power Supply Machine Size
Power: 110/220VAC ~ 12VDC
(PS-3A is optional item)

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DVCR-D8-RE Stand-alone proximity access reader (including 1 pc main card)

We are a professional proximity card access control system manufacturer based in China. At Granding we also provide facial recognition time attendance, access control system, fingerprint door lock, guard tour system, fingerprint time attendance, and fingerprint access control.

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