R6 Time Attendance and Access Control System

R6 Time Attendance and Access Control System
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1. The R6 RFID time attendance and access control system is particular suitable for outdoor application, because of the outstanding waterproofness. The IP rating conforms to IP65 standard.
2. The installation and operation of the time attendance system are quire easy.
3. Made of metal material, the access control system is elegantly designed with in slim size.
4. For high safety and good reliability, we particularly design this product with the function of anti-vandal and anti-tamper alarm.
5. The fully sealed housing enables outstanding waterproofness and dustproof property, enabling working temperature from -20°C to 50°C.
6. Coming in standard design, this RFID time attendance and access control system requires little software during operation.

Access Control/Wiegand Signal Language
Electric lock, door sensor, alarm, exit button, Wiegand output Over 40 selectable languages, such as English, French, Spanish, Arabic, etc.
Capacity Environment
Card capacity: 1010 Operation temperature: -20°C-50°C
Password: 8 groups Operation humidity: 20%-95%
Verification/Identification Verification/Identification
Verification speed (1:1): ≤0.5s FRR: ≤0.01%
Identification speed (1:N): ≤1s FAR: ≤0.0001%
Authentication Method Waterproof Grade
Distinctive Functions Standard Function
Anti-vandal, waterproof, back-lit, audible beep, visible indicator, tamper alarm, lock control delay, unlocking duration, alarm delay (0-255s) Access control, electric lock, door sensor, alarm, exit button, doorbell
Verification Type Card Reader
Card, PW, card, and PIN 125Khz EM card (standard), 13.56MHz card (Optional)
Power Supply Device Size
110/220VAC-12VDC (PS-3A is optional) 52(W)×118(H)×24(D)mm
Communication Packaging
N/A Unit packing: 13.5×9×5cm
Net weight: 0.30kg
Volume weight: 0.50kg

Order Numbers of RFID Time Attendance and Access Control System

R6 Waterproof ID card access control system
R6/MIFARE Waterproof MIFARE card access control system

We are a professional proximity card access control system manufacturer based in China. At Granding we also provide facial recognition time attendance, access control system, fingerprint door lock, guard tour system, fingerprint time attendance, and fingerprint access control.

Feedback Form
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