TS200 Tripod Turnstiles

TS200 Tripod Turnstiles
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1. Designed in compact structure, the TS200 tripod turnstile is well received by virtue of the high cost effectiveness, low power consumption, and high operating reliability.
2. The access control system comes with the default mode of locking. Once activated, the bi-directional tripod turnstile will allow the passage of one people at a time.
3. Electronically controlled, this tripod turnstile can operate at two directions. Luckily, it is possible for user to set up free passage at one direction.
4. Smartly designed, the arm of our vertical tripod turnstile can be lowered for free passage in case there is an emergency.
5. The electromagnet can be used for locking when it is activated. If the machine is in idle status, the electromagnet will be in standby mode.
6. Produced with patented compact mechanism, the tripod turnstile has long life lubricating oil.
7. Containing little exposed screws, this range of product is quite safe for use.
8. Our access control turnstile with RFID card reader is specially offered for application in mass transit system.

Specifications of Tripod Turnstile
Reader Type Operating Temperature
Access controller and RFID card reader -28°C-60°C
Power Supply Working Environment
AC 220V/110V, 50/60Hz Indoor/Outdoor (shelter)
Rated Power Operating Humidity
60W 5%-85%
IP Rating Pictogram Indication
IP54 Yes
Housing Material Control System
SUS304 Input controlled by dry contact
Emergency Button Passenger Flow
Yes 25-48 passengers/minute
Package Data Optional Function
Net weight: 34kg Gross weight: 40kg Product size: 52×98×28cm+arm length 50cm Package size: 60×108×38cm Customized material or structure
third-party access control, ticket system, passenger counter.
Feedback Form
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