LA-3398 Fingerprint Door Lock

LA-3398 Fingerprint Door Lock
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Features of the LA-3398
1. The LA-3398 fingerprint door lock offers a wake-up code-DIY Model.
2. It is American style, using international stand and single latch, easy, simple installation and operation.
3. The L-3398 fingerprint door lock has an independently designed clutch and specially designed handle to enhance the durability of the lock.
4. It offers a password controlled power switch, reducing the power consumption.
5. The reversible handle of the LA-3398 fingerprint door lock can change the left or right handle easily.
6. External power input is located at the bottom of the front side.

Technical Specifications of the LA-3398

Capacity Environment
Fingerprint capacity: 120 users Operation temperature: 0℃ ~ 45℃
Log capacity: N/A Operation humidity: 20% ~ 80%
Identification Unlock Mode
Identification speed (1:N): ≤1s Fingerprint, PIN or Mechanical key
Communication Gross Weight
No USB function 2.5KG
Power Supply Machine Size
Four AA standard alkaline batteries, with external power input 160(L)*240(W)*350(H)mm

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LA-3398 Fingerprint lock

Granding is an experienced fingerprint door lock manufacturer based in China. We also provide facial recognition time attendance, access control system, fingerprint time attendance, proximity card time attendance, fingerprint access control, and guard tour system.

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