L9000 Fingerprint Door Lock

L9000 Fingerprint Door Lock
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1. The Granding L9000 fingerprint door lock with OLED display uses the attractive, durable and safe zinc alloy material processed by die-casting technology.
2. It supports different identification ways including 1: N matching and 1:1 matching. The password includes 6 to 10 numbers.
3. The product is mounted with the OLED display showing the resolution of 500DPI.
4. The offline review of the locking records is available.
5. Our product performs with multiple unlocking ways.
6. In special time, the normally open (NO) state can be set conveniently.
7. This fingerprint door lock with OLED display is available in the display of the battery charging state. Powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries, it gives warning for the low battery voltage.
8. It supports multi-language operation.
9. There are various colors of finishes for selection.


Technical Specifications Capacity
Fingerprint Capacity 500
Password Capacity 100
Log Capacity 30,000
Identification Speed (1:N) ≤1s
Finish Panel Color Red bronze, bronze, bright chrome are selectable
Communication Method USB Flash disk
Power Supply Four AA standard alkaline batteries, low battery warning ≤ 4.8V
Operation Temperature 0℃~45℃
Operation Humidity 20%~80%
Unlock Mode Fingerprint, PIN or mechanical key
Handle Direction Right and left handle
Gross Weight 5.0kg
Machine Size 310mm(L)×72mm(W)×38.5mm(H)
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