HL100 Fingerprint Door Lock

HL100 Fingerprint Door Lock
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1. Our Granding HL100 fingerprint door lock is made of zinc alloy material and its lock bolt is made of cast steel.
2. It adopts the optimal cylinder conforming to the American standard.
3. The product is designed with rugged steel structure and illuminated keypad.
4. The connector of backup battery is mounted externally.
5. This fingerprint door lock warns for low battery and the situation that the door is not secured.
6. It makes use of the reversible handle that can be operated left and right.


Technical Specifications Capacity
Fingerprint Capacity 100
Password Capacity 100
Identification Speed(1:N) ≤ 1s
Communication Method N/A
Power Supply Four AA standard alkaline batteries
Operation Temperature 0℃~45℃
Operation Humidity 20%~80%
Unlock Mode Fingerprint, PIN or mechanical key
Gross Weight 2.0kg
Machine Size 130mm(L)×65mm(W)×28mm(H)
Feedback Form
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