1. TS100The electromagnet can be used for locking when it is activated. When the machine is in idle status, the electromagnet is in standby mode.
      Made of SUS304 stainless steel, this product can be designed with flexible reader installation plate, for the integration of the reader from the third party.
    1. TS200Electronically controlled, this tripod turnstile can operate at two directions. Luckily, it is possible for user to set up free passage at one direction.
      Smartly designed, the arm of our vertical tripod turnstile can be lowered for free passage in case there is an emergency.
    1. TS300Supporting the passage in two directions, the tripod turnstile is electronically controlled. In addition, based on actual demand, users can set up the product for free passage in one direction.
    1. GS-6000F With the GS-6000F guard tour system there is no need for any port, it is wireless to transfer data.
      It offers low tiny-power consumption and very low static state electric current.
      It has a solid cover, waterproof and shake-proof.
    1. GS-6000E Press the switch button when reading data, there is no need to touch and it will never be worn.
      The GS-6000E guard tour system offers sound and light prompt when reading successfully.
      It has a super-long lifespan and wireless system.
    1. GS-6000C It offers low tiny-power consumption and very low static state electric current.
      The GS-6000C guard tour system offers scientific accuracy, ease of use, compact appearance, and no wiring.
    1. GS-6000B The GS-6000B guard tour system offers sound and light prompt when reading successfully.
      It has a low battery alarm function and data full alarm function.
      The GS-6000B guard tour system has a mini USB port, USB cable to download data.
    1. L9000 It supports different identification ways including 1: N matching and 1:1 matching. The password includes 6 to 10 numbers. The product is mounted with the OLED display showing the resolution of 500DPI. The offline review of the locking records is available.
    1. HL100 It adopts the optimal cylinder conforming to the American standard. The product is designed with rugged steel structure and illuminated keypad. The connector of backup battery is mounted externally.
    1. L7000, L7000U The L7000, L7000U fingerprint door lock is elegant, durable and secure. It is made of zinc alloy material.
      Match Way: 1:N; 1:1; password length: 6-10 digit.
      It has an OLED display with 500DPI resolution.
    1. L5000 It supports the fingerprint door lock to be Normally Open (NO) state in special time.
      The L5000 fingerprint door lock can display the battery charge left and low battery warning.
      Multi-language is supported.
    1. LA-3398 The L-3398 fingerprint door lock has an independently designed clutch and specially designed handle to enhance the durability of the lock.
      It offers a password controlled power switch, reducing the power consumption.
    1. NVR08 It supports 1 channel playback while recoding is conducted simultaneously. The embedded NVR is an ideal choice for the applications in school, hotel, factory, hospital, warehouse, home, and office. Besides, our 8 channel network video recorder has the following features.
    1. NVR04 During playback on one channel, recording is carried out simultaneously on other channels.
      This monitoring equipment support mobile surveillance (iPhone/Android) .
    1. MD1032 Our IR dome camera comes with H.264 video compression technology.
      It is provided with 1megapixel.
    1. PT1031 The PT1031 IP camera is available in white and grey. For optimal night vision, this wireless network camera is manufactured with IR-LED illumination.
    1. SD822 Particularly suitable for indoor use, the 4.5 inch PTZ camera has 650TVL high resolution. Besides, the IR LED illumination makes it possible for the application in darkness.
    1. IP6 Our monitoring equipment is designed with dual stream, and H.264 video compression technology. Provided with onboard storage, the built-in PoE and WiFi are optional. This network camera will bring you high quality video.
    1. IP6 WDR Compact structure and elegant appearance
      Built-in PoE and WiFi (Optional)
      Onboard storage
    1. IP8 WDR The IR LED makes it possible for surveillance at night. Both built-in PoE port and WiFi are available with this monitoring device.
    1. IP1030 Available in white or dark grey, our IP1030 IP camera has high definition up to 720P, producing first quality video. Supporting PoE, our CCTV security camera is in compliance with ONVIF protocol.
    1. IR652/IR653 Produced with built-in IR illuminator, it is possible to use the product at night. Particularly, this range of IR network camera is weatherproof. Therefore, outdoor application is available.
    1. IR1032 1 million pixel
      HD up to 720P, first class video quality
      Multiple H.264 streams
    1. MD652 Conforming to IP66 protection level, this outdoor security camera has outstanding resistance to different weather conditions. Possessing 720P HD, the dome IP camera manufactures the video with super quality.
    1. MD8WDR WDR function
      Dual stream, H.264 video compression
      Built-in POE and WiFi (Optional)
    1. ZK4500 High-quality industrial-class ABS plastic material with scratch-proof texture
      High speed USB interface
      LED indicates the status of the device.
    1. ZK8500 Multi-functional fingerprint reader allows both fingerprint reading and card swiping for identity authentication. Operates at 125MHz and 13.56MHz frequency.
      Optical sensor allows easy adaptation to dry, wet and harsh fingerprint conditions.

Granding is a major biometrics and RFID product manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including fingerprint access control, fingerprint time attendance, proximity card time attendance, guard tour system, facial recognition time attendance, access control system, and others.